View2D Glasses converts 3D movies to 2D
Converts 3D movies into crystal clear 2D!


25% of all movie-goers prefer watching in 2D.

Stop avoiding 3D movies....enjoy them in perfect 2D!

A great gift for those you care about who suffer from headaches and/or nausea from 3D movies for less than the cost of one movie ticket!

Sturdy, durable with folding arms - use over and over again.

Accommodates ALL 3D movie theaters,
including BOTH RealD movies AND IMAX 3D movies... unlike any other competitor!

Start enjoying 3D movies in 2D with View2D Glasses!

View2D 2D Glasses
2 Types of 2D Glasses
Accomodates both RealD 3D Movies and IMAX and Disney 3D Movies!

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