View2D Glasses converts 3D movies to 2D
Converts 3D movies into crystal clear 2D!

View2D 2D glasses
2 Types of Glasses of 2D Glasses

Accomodates both RealD 3D Movies and IMAX and Disney 3D Movies!

About Us

View2D was founded in December 2010 after observing family and friends physically ailing after exposure to 3D movies. Following extensive market and manufacturing research, we began offering View2D Glasses for sale in May 2011. View2D is a privately owned LLC with patent pending on 3D to 2D down-conversion. View2D remains the only 2D Glasses provider that accommodates IMAX 3D presentations with the “View2D Legacy” model.

How does it work?

When you watch a 2D movie, a single image is projected on the screen, which both your left and your right eye see. Since both eyes are seeing the exact same image, it appears flat and 2-dimensional.

Things appear 3-dimensional when each eye receives a slightly different perspective on an object or scene. To accomplish 3D in a movie theater, two separate images are projected at the screen at the same time. To ensure that each eye receives its own unique perspective, you must wear “filters” (3D-Glasses). Each lens is a special filter than ensures that each eye is getting a unique perspective on what you are watching.

With 2D Glasses, the same filter is installed in both sides of the frame, meaning that both eyes are once again receiving the same exact image, just like in a regular 2D movie, so the movie once again appears 2-dimensional.


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